Born in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa); also known as “Sleepy Hollow”. Garth Bayley has been drawing and painting for as long he can remember and was often known for this as a youngster. He went on to have a very successful career as an award-winning chef before going back to his first love of painting. Garth is now living and working as a full-time artist and British Citizen in the United Kingdom.


Garth’s work is all about capturing a moment in time. This often means his work is sport or dance related. It is the sense of movement and colour that are more important than the subject itself. Garth has a great reputation for his cycling paintings which are in collections from the UK to the USA and Australia. He draws inspiration from current events like the Tour of Britain and Tour de France.


His horse-racing paintings also feature strongly having recently completed a major commission for a top racecourse. These images are created using the same techniques that he has gained from years of cycle and dance based paintings, sketches and ink works.


Ultimately Garth Bayley paints across a range of subjects – “diversity is my strength”. He works in oils, pastels, and pen and ink, and will often throw in a curve ball with something out of the ordinary for the viewer to discover.


To buy artwork you can go to my website, or email me at art@garthbayley.co.uk 


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