Garth Bayley – Artist Statement

I choose to work predominantly in oils because of the richness of the colours and the consistency achieved by layering the paint with a combination of brush and palette use resulting in a rich texture. My use of colour and light is influenced by my African heritage in relation to vibrancy and spatial elements.I am now using a range of media ranging from wire and wire to charcoal and paint.

I work loosely with bold colours showing form and movement. My subjects are diverse ranging from sport and dance to abstract landscape, containing strong elements of sculptural representation. I draw on old masters for inspiration reinterpreting ideas in a contemporary way. I use personal experiences to create beautifully expressive canvases evoking both emotional and physical sensuality.

I draw inspiration from images in the media, life drawing and my own photography. I work from sketches and directly from images.I am becoming renowned for working En Plein Air locally where I capture the moment of the day.

To buy artwork you can go to my website, artfinder shop, Saatchi art, or email me at art@garthbayley.co.uk


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