Inspired by a race in the the Scottish mountains, this could be a race or a sunny ride with friends. It’s all open to interpretation. oil on paper with wax crayon details. Framed behind glass.


Autumn in the Clyde valley

I love Autumn as the light feels more intense in the few hours we get in Scotland. This painting was inspired by walking along the banks of the Clyde river just up from Crossford. Its a impression of the place and not meant to be a direct copy. I took a number of photos to work from but eventually went with working from remembered landscape and creating my own scene.


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The Road to Glencoe


The Scottish Highlands are a great place to inspire artists. The scenery is big bold and dramatic. In this painting I have captured the feel of a road trip to Glencoe. It was a spur of the moment trip so I really wanted to capture the feel of the the area more than an exact copy. I feel the drips and dribbles are part of the weather patterns of Scotland. This is also the area used to film Skyfall (James Bond)

This painting is Oil on canvas 100 x 81cm

Available on my website