Skyfall Country … Scottish West Coast

This little landscape was painted after a trip up to Glencoe through the area where the James Bond Movie, Skyfall was filmed. The mountains and clouds are majestic and it’s more of a feeling you get being alone on the road with the mass towering over you.

The painting continues around the sides so no need to frame. it measures 20 x 20 x 4 cm

Great for a christmas gift

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She Sits … Waiting

I’ve categorised this under painting as its uses painting to create a base for the monotype print. The model had just turned seventy and new to life drawing posing. I created this image from the original sketch using oils and then transferring onto watercolour paper. I have signed it on the back. I’m including the original inspiration here to show how the picture developed.. the original sketch is not very good but it shows how you can take an idea from a number of years ago and breath new life into it.

This in the new work available from my website. 



The original sketch is below. The sketch was a quick one probably no more than 7 or 8 minutes.


Herd Mentality

Nature is a wonderful reflection on our lives. I find elephant families social hierarchy similar to our own. You have the old matriarch that makes the decisions while the old me just disappear (or go to the garden shed with the comment “yes dear”) They also work together as a team.


This painting of a herd of elephants would look great in a living room or boardroom. It measures 150 x 100cm unframed so would really be a statement piece. Available to buy on



Shosholoza is the song was usually sung to express the hardship of working in the mines. It expresses heartache over the hard work performed in the mines. The word Shosholoza or “tshotsholoza!” means go forward or make way for the next man, in Ndebele. It is used as a term of encouragement and hope for the workers as a sign of solidarity. For me it represents a time growing up in South Africa. It can represent great joy in unity. This is based on the Zulu dancers of Kwazulu Natal. I can feel the energy.

Oil painting on canvas.


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Power Station

The Power Station

We’re taken to see the lion in its cage.

It’s always feeding time. Our guide

escorts us past the tamed gauges.

We can hear it roar. We all stand aside.

The solemnities of a furnace door

opened, and we’re all flown at once

from the high Arctic to Zanzibar.

Coal being freed from its long sentence.

We imagine sticking our heads in there.

Some days the cooling towers’ plume

covers four English counties. We’re

inside the elephant in the room.

Written in response to a visit to Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station, at E.ON’s invitation, to mark National Poetry Day, Thursday October 9 2008.