Giro d’Italia in pictures

This year I’m capturing the great Italian cycling race with images from each stage.

Keep and eye out for the paintings as they are created

The first two are done and I’ll make a new image for each stage of the race. All the paper based images will be £150 unframed

To set the mood a created an abstract painting inspired but the colours of the leader jerseys

I’ve not got this one on my website yet but it’s open to offers


Tractor at work – Garth Bayley Art

I love watching agricultural machinery working. There is something very hypnotic about the movement up and down a field. This was inspired by the fields near Stibbington in Cambridgeshire  Oil painting on canvas. Framed 64 x 49cm including frame. 
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Back in the studio creating new work for the Tour Down Under.

Last week I came back to the studio with a big push for the Tour Down under. I have drawn the race for the last few years with a daily artwork. I like to mix up the mediums but the main focus is in inks as they quick and allow me to just go with the flow without having to wait too long for drying times. All works are available on

Ballet dancers in red

Ballet is created on beautiful lines and shapes. If what you hear and what you see mesh, there’s a very thrilling experience.      

Martin Fridman

Ballet Dancers in red 

I started working with this image while having classes with Judy Lund in Pietermaritzburg about 15 years ago. At the time I couldn’t move forward with it and it lay as a sketch in my draw for years. I think I needed to experience ballet to be able to move forward. Being able to bring the feeling of the dance into my work took years of working and this painting has just come home from one of Glasgows top galleries. 

I’ve hung it in the guest room so it looks like Im taking you on a tour of our home room by room.

A View From the Easel

My studio is in a room in my home in Scotland. As you can see, I work on a number of projects at once and tend to spread out. My partner thinks I’m crazy because I don’t always close the drawers of my plan chest where I keep works on paper. The top on the chest is the right height to stand and work. Next to the chest is a reading chair where I often contemplate where I’m going next on a work, and it has a good view of what’s on the easel. (I have lunch here deciding what needs to be changed on the easel.) The tables make a good area to work on admin and paint. Most of my work happens on the easel or on the floor. I can let go with more abandonment here, and I have a rug over the carpet to protect the home flooring. It’s also warm, as tend to work barefoot.

Take a look at my studio where the magic happens
My messy studio and view my art at 

Cycling gear but no idea

cycle art

Do you have a cycling fanatic in your home with all the latest gear? Got he shorts and the head gear, the gopro and the lightest fastest bike time to think out the box for that special gift. Commision a personalised painting of a special moment or choose from my range of cycling pictures of cyclists. It could be a cycling hero or a specific race that takes my fancy to paint. I aim at capturing the movement and colour of the race with the personality of each showing through.

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Skyfall Country … Scottish West Coast

This little landscape was painted after a trip up to Glencoe through the area where the James Bond Movie, Skyfall was filmed. The mountains and clouds are majestic and it’s more of a feeling you get being alone on the road with the mass towering over you.

The painting continues around the sides so no need to frame. it measures 20 x 20 x 4 cm

Great for a christmas gift

Available on 


She Sits … Waiting

I’ve categorised this under painting as its uses painting to create a base for the monotype print. The model had just turned seventy and new to life drawing posing. I created this image from the original sketch using oils and then transferring onto watercolour paper. I have signed it on the back. I’m including the original inspiration here to show how the picture developed.. the original sketch is not very good but it shows how you can take an idea from a number of years ago and breath new life into it.

This in the new work available from my website. 



The original sketch is below. The sketch was a quick one probably no more than 7 or 8 minutes.